Florence ex Machina

It's good to see that eccentricity and quirkiness are not dead in Britain. London indie rock band Florence and the Machine (as in Florence Welch and Isabella "Machine" Summers) formed in London in 2007. The powerful vocals of Florence Welch are backed by Isabella Summers on keyboards. Robert Ackroyd plays lead guitar.Chris Hayden's drums and Mark Saunders' bass pound out the strong rhythms that hold the band's distinctive sound together.The harp of Tom Monger and other collaborating artists add another layer of goodness. The band have enjoyed considerable commercial and critical success and are currently touring Australia, although, if you don't already have a ticket, you're screwed. 

This performance at the Royal Albert Hall certainly isn't the band's usual style but the marriage of Florence and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is so sublime I just had to share it; enjoy!

Addendum: All you vocalists I've told off time and again about your total lack of mic technique for the last thirty years look at a professional  doing it properly. And learn. Please. 

Speaking of quirky, Bat For Lashes (stage name of Natasha Khan) also recently performed in Australia and I was fortunate enough to see her in Sydney. Natasha has produced some achingly beautiful songs; mostly deep, dark and haunting (like Natasha). Sleep Alone is one of my favorites.

William Crampton