Blue Venus

Blue Man Group is the result of a collaboration between New Yorkers Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. The performance art group started as glorified buskers and have grown into masters of stage and street production. Their performances are incredibly intricate trips down the rabbit hole in pursuit of three big blue bunnies. All of whom seem to be wearing Go-Pros. Improvising orchestration from anything they can lay their ultramarine paws on, the Blue Men are almost as entertaining for their originality and creativity as they are for the delicious anticipation of what they may do next. And next, you can watch them playing Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge:


Venus Hum, (from Nashville, Tennessee) released their first, self titled, album in 2001. Vocalist Annette Strean and instrumentalists Kip Kubin and Tony Miracle took the band's name from the rare heart condition suffered by Tony Miracle; Venous Hum. He perpetually hears his own heartbeat. 2003 saw the release of their second album, Big Beautiful Sky and a tour with Blue Man Group. The Complex Rock Tour saw Blue Man Group rendering a number of covers, one of the best of which is this collaboration with Venus Hum. If you like Annette's dress, you may buy one here, if it's not to subtle for you.  

The painted marionettes' performances are a rollercoaster ride of comedy, tragedy, chaos and rapture. In this rendition of The Who's Baba O'riley the Blue Men once again display their fondness for creative plumbing and production:


Blue Man Group continue to experiment, innovate and evolve. I will leave you with this track, Giacometti, from their new album, Three.

William Crampton