Elac Terminal?Bi-wire gone!

Those of you who know me, or have asked, know of my fondness for Elac speakers. Like everyone, they have had their forgettable products but mostly the standard of finish, build quality, reliability, sound quality and sheer value for money puts much of their competition (yes you, Brittain) to shame. So imagine my surprise when they started arriving lacking bi-wire terminals. Not entry level models but 263, 400 series, 249.2, etc. When someone in the Elac boardroom suggested this why didn't they just throw pencils at them?  Yeah, times are tough and companies exist to make money but is it really too much to ask to have an extra pair of binding posts on a $7000+ speaker? 

On the bright side, we can simply put our own on. May as well rewire it and fix that ridiculous attempted sealing of the three midrange chamber holes (Elac use Blu Tack!) while we are at it. This is inside a 249.2 (lucky they don't make aeroplanes):

OK, I pick on Elac here because they have downgraded some really great products and not seen fit to mention it. Those of you who have had me add the missing terminals to your Vienna Acoustics (another fave) and other non bi-wirable speakers know how much of a difference it makes. Of course, in terms of sales, I'm sure it makes nowhere near as much difference as a shiny brochure, a flash website or a complimentary review (with full page paid add on the next page). Yes, I am a cynic. Its experience.

William Crampton