Arran 10 46% ABV 2015

The Whisky Room mascot (every whisky collection must have one!); Hitch the wolf with Arran 10

What? Whisky? This site is all about audio isn't it? Well, as whisky and freedom gang together so do whisky and music. Infact, whisky, music and freedom are often inseparable. It's not a coincidence that craft presentation of whisky and audio (and so much else) produces the best results; less money spent on marketing, packaging and everything else that doesn't contribute directly to the quality of the product.

For the inaugural whisky of the week we certainly have a cracker! This luscious Arran is the product of a young distillery that has really come of age. Founded in 1993, Arran have rarely put a paw wrong. Independant cask strength bottlings are the Arrans to look for but this Ten is delicious. Bottled at a decent 46% ABV (higher ABV=more flavour) and selling at a very reasonable $85 at Vintage Direct in Melbourne it's great value for such well made whisky. Natural colour. Not chill filtered. While we are here, I don't like the term "un-chillfiltered". Was it chill filtered and then all the chewy gunk put back in? No, it was never chill filtered in the first place. Sorry, I don't stick to accepted jargon if it doesn't make sense. Like "CD Transport". Where is it going? It's a disc drive. I digress....

A big,fresh, citrus/barley/floral nose. On the palate it arrives with a fresh green apple and pear explosion. A hint of banana. Creamy, soft, slightly sweet, a fresh fruit salad followed by a little citrus sourness that recedes with time and a little water. Beautiful balance. Finishes with a slight dryness and lingering green tea/lemon. Delicious. 90/100

William Crampton