Old Virginia Bourbon 40%ABV 2015

Hitch is in danger of falling off his tree.

Well, this is unusual. Produced and matured in Kentucky, named after the state of Virginia and bottled in France by La Martiniquaise. I assume this is an economical way to distribute the whiskey in the European market. Regularly selling for as little as $32 AU and widely available from large supermarket chains and Dan Murphy it looks like good value; let's see if it is. 

Colour: Burnished. Nose: Burnt caramel, red apple, oak. On the palate: Decent, if not spectacular, mouthfeel. Sweet honey, oak, crème brûlée, dark brown sugar, golden syrup, a little vinous. A reasonable finish for the price and proof with a hint of malt and a wave of toffee in its tail. It's definitely bourbon but has taken on some interesting influences in its travels that makes it unusual and hence a little more interesting. Interesting, for $32, is a good buy. 

All in all, this purchase was a successful gamble. Old Virginia is a more substantial whiskey than last week's trio and cheaper than all but one of them. It is bottled at an acceptable (barely) proof and its sins are of omission rather than commision. It may even be worth forking out fifty bucks for their 12 year old. I'd love to know where those unusual influences on the flavour arose but whatever it was, it worked. 79/100

William Crampton

Caption competition for this one Hitch? Na, too easy.